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Insurance commissioner faces indictment for fraud in Georgia

In news from mid-May, it was reported that the U.S. attorney's office is negotiating with Georgia's insurance commissioner to turn himself in for insurance fraud. The office has a 38-count indictment detailing a series of fraudulent acts by the man who was working for the Georgia Underwriting Association. These events happened before he was elected as the insurance commissioner.

Can you be prosecuted for piracy?

White collar crimes include many different actions such as antitrust violations, credit card fraud, economic espionage and counterfeiting. There are dozens of crimes that fall under the white collar crime category, all of which can result in federal charges against you.

Defend yourself if you face gun crime charges in Georgia

Gun control is a serious topic to discuss, and it's one that is often misunderstood. Georgia does have several important gun control laws that it governs. Violating these gun control laws can result in a felony charge in some instances, which could force you into prison upon conviction.

Federal authorities prosecute and convict high-tech smugglers

The federal justice department, DEA, and many federal agencies continue to aggressively pursue and prosecute the possession, smuggling and distribution and sale of illegal drugs. The penalties for Schedule I and II drug smuggling are substantial. According to the federal guidelines, an individual’s first offense for heroin (one kilogram or more) and cocaine or cocoa derivatives (5 kilograms or more) can result in a fine up to $10 million and 10 years to life in prison.

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