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3 arrested during drug sting in Georgia

Three men in Georgia are facing serious penalties after being arrested in Meriwether County during an undercover narcotics investigation. According to the news from Mar. 11, these three were arrested after the investigation proved that there were sales and distributions of narcotics taking place in the state.

Man facing drug, assault charges for attack and drug possession

Dealing drugs of any kind can quickly lead to an arrest and penalties. However, it's important that if that happens, you're still treated fairly. Whether you're a first-time drug user who is caught while smoking, or you transported drugs unbeknownst to you, you're in a position where your defense could help you avoid serious penalties or reduce the charges that you face as a result of your actions.

Rapper with felony overstays visa, faces deportation

Sometimes, familiar faces are arrested by the police for surprising crimes. Take, for example, the rapper 21 Savage, who is now in federal immigration custody over claims that he overstayed his visa and has federal drug charge convictions.

Does the kind of drug you possess matter to the court?

Drug trafficking is a serious offense that can lead to federal charges. When you face federal charges, you need to know that the penalties can be much more significant than in cases with misdemeanor charges. They are also likely to be more serious than state charges.

6 people face federal charges after investigations

Federal charges are significant, so if you're facing them as a result of drug possession or distribution, you need to take steps to avoid conviction. In light of the significant impact of the opioid crisis in America, there are more drug busts taking place than in the past. More people are being arrested, and harsher penalties are being levied.

Federal and local authorities team up to arrest 27 people

After a four-month-long investigation known as Operation 30906, state, local and federal authorities arrested 27 individuals earlier this week in the Richmond County region of Augusta, Georgia. The code name for the operation, 30906, refers to a zip code in the area known for a high rate of violent crime, drug dealing and even counterfeiting.

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