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Woman charged with felony drug trafficking in Lee County

Drug trafficking is a growing concern in many communities across the country. For some people, trafficking drugs may seem like the only option to make a living or to get themselves in a better situation, but the reality is that it can ruin lives and lead to harsh penalties if they're caught.

2 arrested on gang and drug charges in Gwinnett County

As authorities in Georgia crack down on drug use and distribution, there are more and more raids taking place. In a recent Gwinnett gang raid, two people were arrested after the authorities found drugs and weapons in their possession.

Drug trafficking: Harsh penalties await those who are convicted

Drug trafficking is one of the most common kinds of drug crimes. You can be accused of drug trafficking if you have drugs in your vehicle and cross state lines, transport drugs between cities or even if you're only in possession of drugs but are in a moving vehicle. To be accused of this crime, you usually have to have a large amount of an illegal or controlled substance.

Police chief's wife arrested for heroin possession in Georgia

Federal drug charges have a lasting impact on your life, whether you're arrested and released or end up convicted. There is the media that will pick up the story, and your reputation that could take a hit because of how you're treated.

2 face federal charges after 4-month investigation concludes

When you face charges, you're looking at a future that is uncertain. It can be difficult to know what to expect in court, and the prosecution may be pushing hard for you to be penalized far more than you think is fair.

4 face drug charges after allegedly distributing opioids

The opioid crisis has made the government crack down on the distribution and prescription of opioid painkillers and related drugs due to addiction in the general population. Patients sometimes become addicted to these medications, and they can be misused.

Deputy accused of planting drugs in victims' vehicles

In national news, a Florida deputy has been accused of planting drugs in vehicles, then arresting people on made-up drug charges moments later. You might wonder why this is of any importance to you in Georgia but being so close to Florida, there's a possibility that you've traveled there or been caught up in this unusual circumstance.

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