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Identity theft: A growing crime in America

Federal fraud charges are financial crimes that have an impact on individuals, businesses and the United States' economy. Since there are so many issues that can be caused by fraud, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) takes a strong stance in investigating cases as they arise.

Chrisleys face federal charges over allegations of fraud

Tax evasion is a serious crime, but that doesn't mean that a case can't be resolved in your favor. Allegations of fraud could be alleged after someone reports that they believe you've participated in fraudulent activities or as a result of the state or government's own investigations.

Mortgage fraud can lead to heavy fines and prison

Mortgage fraud is an umbrella term that includes a number of illegal schemes for misrepresenting or misstating information on mortgage documents. For example, someone who submits falsified W-2 forms to obtain a mortgage could be accused of fraud.

Man faces federal fraud charges for military contract kickbacks

Fraud charges can be so serious that you end up in prison for many years. Violating federal fraud laws typically results in felony charges after long investigations where forensic accountants piece together exactly where your money has come from and how you received it. If it wasn't legal, then you can be arrested.

Insurance commissioner faces indictment for fraud in Georgia

In news from mid-May, it was reported that the U.S. attorney's office is negotiating with Georgia's insurance commissioner to turn himself in for insurance fraud. The office has a 38-count indictment detailing a series of fraudulent acts by the man who was working for the Georgia Underwriting Association. These events happened before he was elected as the insurance commissioner.

College admissions fraud can get you in deep trouble

A hot topic in the news as of late has been college admissions fraud. With college admissions fraud, there is usually at least one person who helps certain people get into elite universities by aiding them in cheating on exams, passing on bribes or falsifying their applications.

Fraud case results in doctor losing practice

Federal fraud case has forced a doctor, her husband and children to move after a SWAT team raided her office in Florida. According to the news story, the obstetrician and gynecologist is waiting for a verdict in a trial for insurance fraud, but she has already lost much as a result of the raid on her clinic.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation inspector convicted of fraud

If you commit fraud, you could face state and federal charges. Here's a short news report about a woman who is facing penalties in state and through the federal government for actively misusing her government-issued credit card.

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