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A good defense makes a difference in white collar crime cases

White collar crime is usually a nonviolent form of crime. It tends to involve the finances of major corporations or taxes, for example. Selling spots at universities to the Hollywood elite, for instance, is just one example that has been seen in America in the last year.

Can you be charged for forgery if you sign someone else's name?

There are many federal crimes that people should not partake in, but one that needs to be discussed is a forgery. Forgery is an interesting kind of white-collar crime. It happens when a person copies or reproduces a document, signature or other item and claims it is the original, authentic item.

You may want to seek help if you're accused of tax evasion

The first of the year is coming up quickly, and with it starts a new tax season. At the end of the year, it's the time when you can start verifying your income and gathering up receipts for expenses. Doing all of this, and keeping those documents, helps prove that you're filing your taxes legally.

Personal digital criminal legacies harm white collar offenders

In an interesting study by the University of Portsmouth, it was found that digital media has a damaging impact on those who have committed white collar crimes and who are now trying to reintegrate into society. Part of the reason for that is that they are often negatively affected by the labels attached to them online.

What should you do if you're accused of tax evasion?

Tax evasion is a federal crime, which means that the penalties you could face for a conviction are significant. It's true that there are mistakes that you could make on your taxes that might look like tax evasion. However, making a mistake is different from intentionally defrauding the government.

Understand fraud and why you need a defense

White collar crime is a term that was coined in 1939 and refers to fraud committed by government and business professionals. Fraud doesn't usually involve violence or threats; instead, the motivation to commit fraud is purely financial. Fraud can be used to gain money, avoid losing money or to give a business an advantage.

Unusual federal laws can still get you in trouble

Not everything to do with the law has to be serious. In fact, there are some interesting laws that you may violate that are so unusual that they're laughable. Realistically, since the laws are on the books, you could end up charged with a federal crime if you committed them, but the reality is that no one would be likely to prosecute you.

Can you be prosecuted for piracy?

White collar crimes include many different actions such as antitrust violations, credit card fraud, economic espionage and counterfeiting. There are dozens of crimes that fall under the white collar crime category, all of which can result in federal charges against you.

Those caught up in white collar crimes can be the victims

Many people say that white collar crimes are victimless, but most people who have participated in these crimes or been implicated know that isn't true. Whether you're the victim who had your money stolen or the person who faced becoming the "fall guy," anyone who is on the wrong side of the crime pays a price.

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