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Regardless Of Why You Were Charged, You Deserve The Best Representation

If you have been charged with a state or federal criminal offense or are under investigation for a criminal offense, there is no substitute for experience. I am attorney Pete Theodocion of J. Pete Theodocion, Attorney at Law. Since 1997 I have been using my experience and knowledge to focus my career exclusively in criminal defense.

From my office in Augusta, I represent individuals charged with state felonies and misdemeanors throughout Georgia. For federal offenses, I have a record of successful representation for clients throughout the southeastern United States and nationally.

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Over 20 Years Of Defense Experience

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I have seen the worst the system can do to people. Our federal and state criminal justice systems can ruin the lives of even innocent persons, and when criminal prosecutions begin, it is the government that has every edge and advantage. Although you will not be able to match the government’s resources, you can match and even exceed the government in one area and that is in your choice of counsel.

No matter what your case looks like on paper, there is always an effective legal defense to help you get the best outcome possible. I go the extra mile for my clients, and I’m not afraid to push back and fight hard to make sure your constitutional rights are protected.

Even if you have committed a crime, your charges might not justify the kind of severe punishments which are possible in both federal and state court. Regardless of who you are and despite what you have done, you deserve proper representation, and that means a lawyer who will fight with you until the end.

Free Consultation With A Former Prosecutor

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