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2 tips to fine-tune a defendant’s criminal defense

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Perhaps police pulled you over and found an unmarked bottle of pills in your pocket while you were crossing state lines. Perhaps an officer thought you stole something from federal property, but the item was yours and you were carrying it on your person when stepped onto the property. Or, maybe a Sheriff’s Deputy caught you in the act of mailing some crystal meth to another state. No matter what the circumstance surrounding your arrest and federal crime allegations were, in the United States, you will remain innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Until then, you have every right to defend yourself against your charges.

Here are two strategies defendants and their attorneys can use to fine tune the defense theories brought forward in federal court:

Write down the events as the defendant remembers them: When the defendant commits his or her memories to paper, as quickly after the incident occurred as possible, he or she will codify and record important details that could later be forgotten. The defense attorney can then ask questions about these details and use the most compelling factual elements to construct a suitable theory for the criminal defense.

Visit the alleged crime scene with the defendant: In the cases that involved a defendant who was actually present at the alleged crime scene, revisiting the scene will help jog the defendant’s memory of what took place. Such a visit could be crucial to a successful defense when it stirs up the right kinds of details.

These are just a couple examples of criminal defense strategies that could help a federal defendant. There are many more that – depending on the facts surrounding your case – could be helpful to your situation. Make sure you fully understand the potential pros and cons of any defense technique before you try to use it during your criminal court proceedings.