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Federal drug charges may just be the fight of your life

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Drug charges are always a very serious matter that you should fight with all your available resources. However, if you face federal drug charges, the stakes are suddenly much higher. Like many crimes, drug crimes that involve crossing state lines, for instance, escalate in seriousness because they now involve not only state laws but also federal laws. If your alleged drug offense is only minor, then you may only have to deal with the state-level laws that apply, but once you cross into federal territory, the sentencing gets much more severe.

Regardless of one’s position on consuming drugs, it is fairly uncontroversial to state that drug crimes receive far harsher penalties in America than any other nonviolent crime. If you hope that “it’s really not that big of a deal, everyone faces drug charges at some point,” you are sadly mistaken. If nothing else, our legal system is very effective at harshly punishing those accused of drug crimes. If you fail to mount a strong defense, you may pay a truly unfair price and lose months or even years of your life in incarceration.

In many instances, the laws that affect individuals at the ground level are passed to please constituents of a politician or created to deter large-scale criminal activity. In practice this means that many drug charges involve fairly harsh minimum sentencing. If you do not mount a strong defense capable of challenging the evidence against you, there may not be much room to fight for more favorable sentencing at all. Be sure to take any federal drug charges very seriously, to keep your rights protected as well as the rights of others.