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Drug sting leads to over 20 federal indictments

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Drug stings work for a number of reasons. Usually, they identify a series of people who bring drugs into the community and sell them to people. Drug stings help catch those who cause harm to others.

The trouble with them is that anyone who is near or around the site at the time may also get caught up in the drug bust and accused of a crime. That’s not fair to them, but it’s very simple to see how it could happen. Someone innocently knocking on the door could be accused of coming to buy drugs, or someone pulling up in a vehicle asking for directions could be accused of transporting drugs. In any of those cases, a strong defense is necessary to avoid harsh federal penalties.

Here is an example of how many people can be accused and indicted in a single operation. In a recent drug sting, over 20 people were federally indicted after a southwest Georgia drug bust. The Aug. 15 report indicates that multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the drug bust. Now, the people face federal indictments for selling and obtaining controlled substances in Thomasville, Cairo, Bainbridge and as far south as Tallahassee.

The bust, which identified people in Georgia and Florida potentially transporting and selling drugs, turned up the sale of drugs such as crack cocaine, Molly, MDMA, N-Ethylpentylone and other controlled substances. Law enforcement is expecting to make more arrested in relation to the drug crimes.

Drug charges are serious and can change your life forever. If you’re caught up in a sting, you need to look into your legal rights to protect yourself.