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Man sentenced in relation to drug ring bust

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Federal drug charges are nothing to ignore. A charge could potentially be penalized with years in prison, high fines or other penalties. On top of that, a conviction could make it hard to get a job and take away other rights.

In Georgia, there is a problem with methamphetamine, but the news reports that a major organization has been sentenced. According to the news from Aug. 30, there is at least one man from Covington who has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for being involved in a drug ring. Thus far, there have been over eight people convicted and sentenced for the conspiracy.

In this man’s case, it was found that he was selling drugs. Reports indicate that agents made controlled purchases from him. The 32-year-old man entered a guilty plea in February for the charge “conspiracy to possess” and for the intent to distribute methamphetamines.

When you’re facing drug charges, the first thing you need to do is know exactly which charges you face. Like in the above, it’s easy to see how charges stack up against you. Instead of simple possession, you could be accused of transporting or selling drugs. In the eyes of the court, you should be innocent until you’re proven otherwise, but the prosecution will do what it can to make sure you face penalties and have as many charges against you as they can file.

Protect yourself and know your rights. A drug charge could change your life forever if it results in a conviction. You deserve a chance at freedom regardless of past mistakes.