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Drug distribution and illegal firearm charges

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Many individuals that face federal drug convictions see penalties related to possessing a narcotic with the intent to distribute the drug. Perhaps an officer searched your vehicle after a traffic stop and found distribution bags, scales and cash – all pointing to the fact that you may be involved with selling illegal drugs.

Yet the penalties rise substantially when, during the search, an officer discovers that you also possess a firearm. Having illegal narcotics and an illegal gun can significantly increase your sentences, but many drug offenders utilize a weapon for protection.

If you face drug distribution charges with the possession of an illegal firearm, the chances of avoiding all Georgia punishments are slim, so you need an experienced criminal law attorney. Federal offenses and felonies restrict many areas of your freedom and could land you in prison for years, so you want to immediately seek the help from a criminal defense attorney to help you in fighting your punishments.

The combination of distribution crimes and firearm possession

According to Georgia code, those that distribute illegal narcotics can face federal drug crimes, depending on the type of drug, resulting in:

  • Two to thirty years in prison

Yet when an officer discovers that you held possession of a firearm, your minimum sentence may increase to 5 years in prison, depending on your circumstances.

Perhaps before an officer pulled you over and searched your vehicle, he or she did not have probable cause to believe you were in the process of committing a crime. Perhaps, when you were arrested and booked, the officer never read your Miranda Rights. Maybe the officers conducted the search of your vehicle illegally, or maybe you faced discrimination.

Your experienced attorney will attempt to understand all elements of your associated charges, so that he or she can provide accurate defense. Attempting to defend your actions without any legal aid could allow a judge to convict you of a maximum sentence, and you could face substantial penalties in federal court. Do not try to avoid conviction alone.