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How does Georgia address drug trafficking?

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Federal drug charges are particularly damaging to your reputation and the possibilities for your future. With most federal crimes, you face at least one year in prison and the penalties are much higher.

Drug trafficking charges refer to the sale, delivery, distribution, manufacture or possession of controlled substances in the United States. Since trafficking tends to involve multiple states, it is handled by the federal government in those instances.

Georgia drug trafficking laws have minimum penalties that include substantial fines and long prison sentences. There are many things that will be considered before accusing you of drug trafficking, but if you face this charge, it is very important to defend yourself carefully.

What is the main factor in a drug trafficking charge?

The primary concern is the amount of the illegal substance you have in your possession. If you have only a small baggie of heroin, for example, you could say it was for personal use. However, you have a large brick of it, the police are more likely to believe that you intend to sell it. That could lead to a trafficking charge.

Depending on the nature of the drug, you could face a significant amount of time in prison. For example, possessing Schedule I or narcotic Schedule II drugs can lead to up to 30 years in prison on a first offense.

It’s very wise to protect yourself from the start of any investigation and from the moment of an arrest. It’s always in your best interests to know what the police may or may not do and to fully understand the charges you face.