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Are bump stocks legal?

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There is a new ban on bump stocks, which has made some people in Georgia concerned. Bump stocks are accessories that can be added to guns to make a semi-automatic weapon fire similarly to an automatic firearm.

In October 2017, a mass shooting took the lives of 58 people, and the president stated that he would ban bump stocks in the future. That has now happened.

What happens if you have bump stocks?

Since they are no longer legal, it is best not to carry them and not to use them on your weapons. Similar devices, like the echo trigger, for example, are not banned by the law. It’s important to know the difference, especially if you plan to use one of the accessories since you could be arrested for choosing the wrong one.

As you may know, ignorance of the law is not a good excuse in court. However, if you were caught off-guard by the implementation of a law like this, then it might be possible to argue for a lighter sentence or lower penalties. The reality is that changes like these take time to implement. This regulation, for example, was signed into law but did not go into effect until 90 days had passed from the time it was published in the Federal Register. That gives people time to learn more about the new restrictions and to adjust accordingly.

Changes in law can lead to surprising arrests. If you are stopped with a bump stock and didn’t realize that they were no longer legal, you need to look into your legal options.