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Federal crimes: Errors on your tax forms could be fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Uncategorized |

There are so many federal crimes in the United States that it is possible to commit one without even realizing you have done something wrong. Tax fraud or evasion is an example of a crime that falls in the federal jurisdiction. Unfortunately, many people living in Augusta, Georgia, may be committing tax fraud unintentionally.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes that American citizens are always looking for ways to reduce the taxes they owe each year. In fact, the IRS acknowledges that certain attempts to reduce or even avoid taxes are not federal crimes. However, many hard-working citizens who have tried to reduce their tax obligations suddenly find themselves facing an audit or an investigation by the IRS.

Our attorneys want to make sure you realize that it is easy to inadvertently straddle the line between legal avoidance attempts and illegal evasion. The nation’s tax laws are almost constantly under revision. This means that what was perfectly acceptable one year may be criminal the next year. As such, we urge all Georgia residents with complex tax needs to get help in preparing their returns. Taking this one step could make all the difference in whether you file your tax return in compliance with the most current federal laws.

For those already facing an investigation revolving around tax fraud, you can still get help to minimize the consequences. As with all federal crimes, experienced legal counsel is crucial in avoiding a conviction on charges of tax fraud.

We invite you to continue studying the information on our website if you have been accused of one or more federal crimes.