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No one is too successful to be safe from federal charges

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If you have ever looked into white collar crimes, you know that they were much more common when it was harder to track accounts and communications. Today, those who participate in white collar crimes often leave behind digital trails of their wrongdoings.

In the news, you may have seen that more people than ever are being arrested for white collar crimes, like fraud and tax evasion. One person, a top-ranking executive from China, was arrested upon landing in Vancouver. She was accused of violating laws regarding U.S. sanctions. She’s also among several big names that have been arrested for white collar crimes.

Every white collar crime is different, as is the jurisdiction. Prosecutions are actually still fairly rare, especially outside the United States. In the United States, the goal is to imprison or penalize those who commit fraud and other crimes, but it can take years of planning to bring a case to court. Proving criminal intent can be difficult when fraud is spread throughout a large corporation.

It is no longer true that individuals are too wealthy or too “big” to arrest, which is something to consider even if you’re fairly powerful. If you are being accused of a white collar crime, you could still face the same punishments as anyone else. If the right evidence is collected against you, you could find that you’re left fighting for your right to remain free to run your business. You could see your name and reputation badly damaged by the media. If there is a hint that you could be implicated, it’s best to start looking into your legal rights.