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Does the U.S. still have the death penalty?

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Federal crimes are serious because they often come with minimum penalties. They include many types of crimes such as carjacking, kidnapping, federal hate crimes and others.

Federal crimes are special because they specifically violate federal laws created by the government. As a result, they have their own types of penalties.

Is capital punishment still allowed at the federal level?

You may know that capital punishment is not allowed in many states, but the reality is that capital punishment can still be used to penalize those who commit heinous crimes. There were periods of time when death penalties were not legal, but today, certain crimes can come with this as a potential punishment.

Are there arguments against capital punishment?

Yes, and they’re good. The first reason is that statistics have shown that the death penalty does not work as a deterrent. People who plan to commit heinous crimes do so without regard for the death penalty. The death penalty also does little to provide comfort to a victim or their family. State-sanctioned killings may also be seen as morally wrong.

Despite this, capital punishment still does exist today. The primary form of capital punishment is through lethal injection, a cocktail of chemicals used to stop a person’s heart. Though this is supposed to be a painless procedure, there have been instances where people have survived the injections.

Over half the U.S. states still have the death penalty. If it’s something you may face for a federal crime, you need to defend yourself as thoroughly as possible. This is a penalty that no one truly deserves.