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Man reroutes mail, faces federal charges

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Federal crimes can take place anywhere in the United States and will be tried in a federal court. One example of a federal crime is tampering with the U.S. Postal Service’s services or deliveries. It is against the law to impact the postal service negatively in any way, including rerouting mail that doesn’t belong to you.

Take, for example, this case in Chicago, where a former UPS Inc. worker rerouted mail that was intended to go to Atlanta to his apartment. He now has pleaded guilty to mail fraud for his actions.

The man is accused of taking close to $59,000 worth of mail that was intended to go to the company in Atlanta. He had allegedly submitted a U.S. Postal Service form in Oct. 2017 that altered the postal service that the company’s address had moved from Atlanta to Chicago (within his one-bedroom apartment).

This went on until a UPS security coordinator discovered the alterations. Upon inspecting the apartment, investigators were able to retrieve around 3,000 pieces of mail, including checks addressed to the UPS. The man now faces a sentence since pleading guilty and will be sentenced in March 2019.

Taking mail that does not belong to you, rerouting mail or otherwise impacting the mail service is a federal crime. If you are accused of violating the law regarding mail delivery, it is very important to take the time to protect yourself. Federal charges can come with heavy penalties including imprisonment and fines. With a good defense, you can protect yourself and potentially get the case dismissed without charges.