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Let your defense attorney protect you in court

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No matter what kind of crime you’re accused of doing, it is extremely important to make sure you have a good defense.

Defense attorneys have many jobs. One is to help make you look more relatable to the judge and jury. How do they do this? There are a few simple ways.

First, they’ll make sure you dress appropriately for court. For instance, if you’re accused of being aggressive or abusive, your attorney will want you looking professional and calm during the court dates. That would include covering tattoos, wearing tailored and fit clothing and having a professional hair cut. Why? When you look respectable and are respectful, it increases your credibility with the jury.

Defense attorneys also work hard to mitigate the charges against you. They may present facts that make your actions more understandable to the jury. For example, what the prosecution deems to be a case of assault might very well have been an act of self-defense if you were genuinely in fear for your life. An attorney can help the court see how you would have reasonably come to that conclusion.

Finally, good defense attorneys are also there to provide a reality check. They help defendants understand what is happening in their case, as it happens. They also use their experience to help defendants what’s likely to happen with any given course of legal action, whether that’s a decision to plead guilty or to take a case to trial.

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, don’t go it alone. Talk to a defense attorney today.