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Man facing drug, assault charges for attack and drug possession

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Dealing drugs of any kind can quickly lead to an arrest and penalties. However, it’s important that if that happens, you’re still treated fairly. Whether you’re a first-time drug user who is caught while smoking, or you transported drugs unbeknownst to you, you’re in a position where your defense could help you avoid serious penalties or reduce the charges that you face as a result of your actions.

In cases like this one, a defense is a necessity. In February, a man shot a 23-year-old woman and was wanted by police. That man, allegedly a known methamphetamine dealer, has been arrested.

The Chatham County Police Department reported that the man had been involved in a shooting on Feb. 11 that injured a 23-year-old woman. She was walking with a friend at the time and suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. The 30-year-old man now faces charges for aggravated assault and terroristic threats. He’s also facing multiple felony drug charges.

When the agents arrested him, he was taken into custody without incident. However, they did go on to search his room and found cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and items for drug distribution. His vehicle, around $5,000 and the drugs were seized by the authorities.

Cases like this one are complicated, and it’s easy to see how the charges add up against a person who is accused. It’s important for even those facing charges for assault or drug abuse are given a chance to defend themselves and have fair treatment when dealing with the criminal justice system. A good defense helps prevent biases from penalizing those accused more harshly than necessary.