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Operation Gunsmoke ends in arrests in Georgia, South Carolina

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Operation Gunsmoke has been implemented in South Carolina, and it is having an impact in Georgia as well. Did you know that committing a crime in one state and fleeing to another may not do anything to prevent law enforcement from arresting you? With over 150 local, federal and state agencies working together on this operation, even those who fled from South Carolina to Georgia were taken into custody.

The operation was aimed at gang violence, cracking down on what some police say are links to the Bloods. Those being indicted ranged in age from 20 to 56 years old, and they are accused of felonies ranging from selling drugs to selling firearms.

Cases like this are interesting from a defense attorney’s point of view because it’s easy for people to get caught up in the operations despite not having committed crimes. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time is possible, especially when an agency goes after everyone in a home or group of people.

Those accused of crimes in Georgia and South Carolina do have a chance to defend themselves, but it gets more difficult by the minute. It is important for those who have been arrested or who fear they will be arrested to reach out to their attorneys. Getting an early insight into a case can help attorneys protect their clients and prevent unfair biases or unfair charges from being placed against them. It is far too easy to be accused of crimes you didn’t commit or of more crimes than you committed, so it’s better to be safe than to find out you’re being unfairly treated later on.