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College admissions fraud can get you in deep trouble

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A hot topic in the news as of late has been college admissions fraud. With college admissions fraud, there is usually at least one person who helps certain people get into elite universities by aiding them in cheating on exams, passing on bribes or falsifying their applications.

To the average person, the fraud may not seem that damaging, but it is. Many people may lose their positions at top universities as a result of others, many who should not qualify to attend the university, being let in under these false pretenses.

College admission fraud isn’t as uncommon as you think

While you’d like to believe that the admissions process for college is straightforward and honest, the reality is that there may be some shady dealings taking place behind the scenes. If you are someone who gets caught up in those acts, you could face serious penalties, some of which include heavy fines and prison time.

What are the charges you could face for participating in college admissions fraud?

Some of the charges being seen since the 2019 scandals include the conspiracy to commit racketeering, money laundering, theft, identity fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and others. These federal crimes often come with the possibility of prison time, with a year being a minimum in some cases.

If you face charges like these, it’s important to get someone on your side right away. It’s easy for the prosecutors to keep adding on more charges, so you want to have someone who can support you and make sure you don’t face any unfair charges in court.