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Don’t delay your defense if you face drug charges

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Drug trafficking is among the worst things you can be accused of if you’re caught with drugs. Trafficking drugs assumes that you’re taking them throughout the state or between state lines, opening you up to many penalties.

Trafficking charges also assume that you have manufactured, distributed, sold, possessed or transported large quantities of drugs, which is serious enough to result in federal penalties.

If you are working with someone young and are associated with drug trafficking, you can be further penalized with charges for hiring or engaging a person under 17 in the drug trade. That in itself can lead to up to 20 years in prison.

What should you do if you were in possession but did not traffic drugs?

If you were in possession of drugs but did not sell or intend to distribute them, you should not face trafficking charges. However, the prosecution may aim to have you charged with more in an attempt to have you imprisoned or face charges for what they believe you did.

It is in your best interests to be honest with your attorney about your role in drug trafficking, if any. Your attorney can help you fight any charges that are not legitimate and reduce those that are. Alternative penalties may be able to be assessed in some cases, particularly if you’re willing to pursue addiction treatment or other services. Our site has more information on drug trafficking and what you should do if you’re accused of this federal crime. Your freedoms could be at risk, so don’t delay in defending yourself.