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Protect your rights and fight drug charges in Georgia

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Federal drug charges threaten your freedoms because they often come with heftier penalties than state charges would. Most federal charges come with a minimum penalty of a year in prison, even if it’s a relatively minor crime.

No one wants to be put behind bars, so if you’re facing federal drug charges, it’s essential that you work with your attorney to fight those charges. Your attorney will help you in several ways.

One of the first ways your attorney will help is by reviewing the evidence and making sure the prosecution has a case. If it does not, your attorney can look for ways to get the case dropped, so you can go back to your everyday life without having to face time in court. On the other hand, if there is evidence that gives the prosecution a strong hand, then your attorney can help you negotiate a plea deal or work to cause doubt in the mind of the judge or jury, so you have a better chance of facing fewer penalties.

Drug charges don’t have to mean time in prison

Sometimes, your attorney may be able to negotiate alternatives to prison. For example, you might be able to go to addiction treatment or sobriety treatment instead of prison under the right circumstances. If this is a possibility, then your attorney will talk to you about it and the likelihood of having that alternative approved.

Our site has more on federal charges and what you should do if you face charges for a drug crime. Your life and liberties need to be protected.