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What is aircraft hijacking?

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Of all federal crimes, one of the most significant (and rare) is an aircraft hijacking. Aircraft hijacking refers to the unlawful seizure of an aircraft by a single person or group.

When you think of aircraft hijacking, you may think that the people taking it are forcing the pilot to operate the plane. That’s not always the case. Whether the pilot is on board, the case can still be a hijacking.

Are aircraft hijackings always terrorist attacks?

No, but that’s the first thing that usually comes into people’s minds. That’s why it’s essential for you to make sure you defend yourself if you’re accused of hijacking an aircraft. It’s possible to have a misunderstanding that could be cleared up, just as it’s possible that you could have hijacked an aircraft without any kind of terroristic intentions.

Today, few pilots will leave a cockpit if there is someone threatening in the main cabin. However, in smaller planes, there may be little or no protection between the cockpit and cabin, making it easy for someone to enter the plane and ask the pilot to fly to somewhere specific.

Even if you do hijack an aircraft, it’s important that you get the chance to explain why you did so and to protect yourself. There could be extraneous circumstances, such as someone else forcing you to hold the pilot at gunpoint or an emergency with no other alternative. Your attorney will talk to you thoroughly about the case and what you can do to attempt to protect your rights and freedoms moving forward with the case.