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Georgia Bureau of Investigation inspector convicted of fraud

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If you commit fraud, you could face state and federal charges. Here’s a short news report about a woman who is facing penalties in state and through the federal government for actively misusing her government-issued credit card.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation inspector is in hot water after being accused of, and found guilty of, racketeering. She, a 46-year-old woman, pleaded guilty to four counts of mail fraud including over $60,000 in charges she placed on the credit card provided to her by the government.

At the time of her hearing, she admitted to the crime and pleaded guilty. She was placed on probation for state charges and will face federal charges in the future.

The woman’s case has a long history. She joined the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in 1994, and she became a special agent in 1999. She’s had several leadership positions.

The problems didn’t begin until 2013, when she used her P-Card, a government-issued card for official business use, to make unauthorized purchases including items for her own benefit and the benefit of others. What kinds of purchases did she make fraudulently? Some included a new HD television, a chaise lounge chair set and even a dining set. On top of this, she falsely reported on what she’d purchased, stating that, for instance, the sofa was actually anti-spyware software.

In this case, she will be able to come off probation when she can repay the $60,268.04 that she owes the government along with 200 hours of community service. She will retain her retirement benefits and law enforcement certification. Her attorney and judge were able to settle on this probationary period based on her many years of honorable service before this fraud took place.