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3 ways people fight back against embezzlement charges

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Federal White Collar Crimes |

Embezzlement is a white-collar criminal charge brought against those who have allegedly misappropriated or stolen resources from their employers. Workers might face embezzlement charges for using a company expense account inappropriately or allegedly taking cash from their employer.

They could also face embezzlement charges due to allegations of their involvement in a criminal conspiracy, possibly one that involves vendors or service providers. Professionals ranging from accountants and salespeople to administrative assistants may find themselves facing allegations that they misused company resources for personal gain.

How do those accused of embezzlement potentially defend themselves against those charges?

They obtain appropriate professional support

There will usually be a paper trail that allegedly connects the person accused of embezzlement with certain financial transactions. Often, those accused of embezzlement will require a trained financial expert, like a forensic accountant, to help them review the evidence gathered by their employer or prosecutor. A forensic accountant could raise questions about the accuracy or completeness of financial records are provide more clarity about when and how questionable transactions occurred.

They identify an alternate suspect

Sometimes, those accused of embezzlement played no intentional role in financial misconduct but may have completed transfers or issued checks under the instruction of someone else. Being able to identify who actually wanted to complete those transactions or who benefited from them could help someone accused of embezzlement propose a viable alternate suspect who could be guilty.

They provide proof of deliberate compliance

The records that someone keeps of their business travels and financial transactions might help them establish that they didn’t actually misuse company resources or try to pass off personal expenses as business expenditures. Someone’s personal journal and private financial accounts could be a good place to glean evidence regarding everything from the training they received on company policies to what actually happened during a business trip when alleged financial misconduct took place.

Solid defense strategies often require a careful review of evidence or the process of finding additional evidence that may reframe the circumstances. Without a strategic defensive response, embezzlement charges could lead to someone’s incarceration and an order to repay their employer, as well as major challenges when seeking gainful employment in the future. Fighting back against embezzlement charges and other allegations of financial misconduct is of the utmost importance for those hoping to preserve their reputations and their careers.