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Insurance commissioner faces indictment for fraud in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Federal Fraud Charges |

In news from mid-May, it was reported that the U.S. attorney’s office is negotiating with Georgia’s insurance commissioner to turn himself in for insurance fraud. The office has a 38-count indictment detailing a series of fraudulent acts by the man who was working for the Georgia Underwriting Association. These events happened before he was elected as the insurance commissioner.

The Georgia Underwriting Association was designed to provide Georgia’s homeowners with insurance for high-risk properties. It’s now believed that the man had participated in a fraud scheme for five years, obtaining around $2 million while general manager of the GUA. It’s believed that he paid himself, his personal debts and for his campaign with the power he obtained as the general manager.

During the scheme, several companies involving the man’s friends were involved and eventually funneled money back to him through Creative Consultants and the Georgia Christian Coalition. He presently denies that he participated in the fraud and points out that the GUA actually profited for the first time in over four decades while he was the general manager.

Cases like this one can make it seem like someone has done something wrong, but everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If you’re facing an investigation for fraud or believe that you may be implicated in the future, it’s important to talk to your attorney as soon as possible and to prepare for the worst. Your attorney can help you understand what to do if you’re the center of an investigation or believe that you’ve been caught up in a fraud case.