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If you made a mistake on your taxes, is it fraud?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Federal Fraud Charges |

Federal fraud charges come with harsh penalties, which is why it’s important to find an attorney quickly if you’re facing accusations or if you’re a part of an investigation. Fraud impacts businesses, consumers and the entire economy, so it’s taken very seriously by the government.

Fraud is generally sentenced at the federal level, which means that a conviction tends to have harsher penalties than if it was a state charge. One kind of fraud that you could be accused of is tax evasion, which could end up landing you in prison upon conviction.

If you’re accused of tax evasion, what should you do?

If you are accused of evading paying taxes, take the accusations seriously and reach out to your attorney right away. Mistakes should not be considered to be tax evasion, but the Internal Revenue Service does make mistakes, too. If you’ve underpaid your taxes, it’s very important to speak with your attorney about how to make the situation right, especially if there are allegations of intentionally underpaying.

Usually, if you agree that you made an error, the IRS will agree to allow you to pay what you owe and possibly will add on a fine on top. That’s significantly less serious than if you have to go through a criminal trial.

Most people understand that the tax code is complicated and complex. People do make mistakes, and unless there is anything to suggest that those errors were intentional, you shouldn’t be facing charges for fraud. Your attorney can help you protect your innocence and fight to be treated fairly by the IRS.