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Can buying cold medicine lead to possession with intent charges?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Drug Offenses |

A surprising range of seemingly innocent behavior can make people suspect you of drug abuse, drug dealing or even drug manufacturing. Having frequent visitors to your house, throwing the wrong items out in your garbage or buying certain things at the store might lead to scrutiny from your neighbors or even law enforcement professionals.

Buying cold medicine is a perfect example. Maybe this winter has been hard on your family, and it seems like every week, one of your children brings something home from school or daycare that they’ve then passed to their siblings. Eventually, you and your spouse get sick, only to infect the children again.

If you went out and bought multiple boxes of cold medicine to help your family handle their symptoms, especially if you’ve made purchases at several different stores in recent weeks, that could draw attention to you as someone who might play a role in manufacturing methamphetamine.

Possession with intent doesn’t require prohibited drugs

The state can charge you with possession with intent to manufacture or distribute prohibited drugs even if you don’t have the banned drugs in your possession. Georgia law has very strict rules regarding certain controlled substances and the compounds used to create them.

Drugs and chemical compounds known to be chemical precursors for dangerous drugs like methamphetamine can lead to not just possession charges but charges of possession with intent to distribute or manufacture the drug. If police find you with multiple boxes of cold medicine or have records that you purchased a large supply from one store or a moderate amount from numerous stores, they could use that as a basis for intent to distribute or manufacture charges. 

Possession with intent charges could completely change your life

Pleading guilty to drug charges is usually a big mistake. Georgia has strict rules regarding sentencing for drug offenses, and if you aren’t careful, you could find yourself facing jail time and a permanent criminal record. Rather than assuming that everything will come out in court in your favor, you need to plan a robust defense so that your future isn’t at risk because of these charges.

Responding appropriately when Georgia charges you with a serious drug crime can help you protect your freedom and your future.