Your Future Is At Risk

Felony-Level Drug Crimes Can Destroy Your Life

Make no mistake: If you have been charged with a federal narcotics trafficking or possession charge, the United States Attorney’s office has completed its case against you and is ready for trial. Your first day in court typically occurs after the government has spent months, or years, conducting an extensive investigation into every aspect of your life.

The time to secure aggressive, experienced defense counsel is now.

Over 20 Years Of Criminal Law Experience On Your Side

I founded J. Pete Theodocion, Attorney at Law, to serve residents of Augusta, Georgia. I am one of only a handful of defense attorneys in the region with extensive experience in all areas of the federal criminal justice system. I understand the way federal prosecutors investigate and prepare their cases, I know the procedures for protecting your rights, and I have extensive knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines.

I know that a federal drug charge is the biggest problem you have ever faced. I’ll fight hard to make sure that you are not another government statistic. The federal government may win most of their cases, but they don’t have to win your case.

Fighting The Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Understanding the federal sentencing guidelines is key to a successful defense. Experienced federal criminal attorneys know that the time to consult these guidelines is not right before sentencing, but at the very outset of your case.

Federal drug trafficking and possession offenses are a major focus of my law firm. The sooner we can start suppressing illegal evidence and preparing a strong defense against a grand jury indictment, the better chance we will have of attaining the best possible outcome.

I have experience in all areas of federal narcotics crimes defense, including:

  • Transporting or smuggling drugs, internationally or across state lines
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Manufacturing or cultivation offenses
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Firearm offenses related to narcotics crimes
  • Tax evasion, tax fraud and money laundering

There Is No Time To Lose. Act Now.

You do not need to face these challenging times alone. Contact my office online today, or call 706-250-8762 (toll free at 866-537-9545) and schedule your free initial consultation.