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Skilled Defense For Mortgage Fraud Charges

Are you facing an investigation for federal bank or real estate fraud? If so, then you must quickly act to ensure your ability to prepare a proper defense. By the time a federal grand jury convenes, the United States Attorney has likely decided to file charges. The government is building a case against you, and you must prepare to fight for your rights.

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I am federal criminal defense attorney Pete Theodocion. For more than 20 years, I have been providing aggressive, successful legal defense for individuals charged with federal fraud charges stemming from real estate transactions in Augusta and communities throughout Georgia and the southeastern United States.

At my firm, J. Pete Theodocion, Attorney at Law, I understand the complexities of evidence involved in bank and mortgage fraud cases. Most important, I am experienced in all areas regarding federal court procedures and the federal criminal justice system.

I Can Assist With Your Mortgage Fraud Charges

If you are under investigation or have been charged with any of the following felony offenses, you need skilled, experienced legal representation as soon as possible:

  • Mortgage application fraud: providing false information on a mortgage application
  • Fraud involving straw buyers: paying someone else to act as mortgage applicant
  • Appraisal fraud: paying an appraiser to grossly overvalue the property for loan purposes
  • Down payment fraud: allowing an unqualified buyer to assume a high mortgage
  • Property misrepresentation: covering up known problems during the sale
  • Lease fraud: backdating lease agreements on rental property to falsify rental investment value
  • Illegal investment schemes: misrepresenting a property in order to solicit investors
  • Mail and wire fraud: using the U.S. Postal Service or internet for any illegal real estate deal
  • Real estate tax fraud: property tax evasion and misrepresenting investment earnings

Defend Fraud Charges Right Away For Your Best Chance

Federal real estate mortgage and bank fraud charges will put your future and freedom in jeopardy. I can help you fight for the best outcome.

Questions? Look through the FAQ page on felony crimes or reach out with your questions. Schedule a free initial consultation online, or call 706-250-8762.