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Mail And Wire Fraud Carry Heavy Penalties

The U.S. Attorney can file federal mail and/or wire fraud charges anytime mail or wire services are used in the commission of a crime. Because facsimiles, letters and electronic communication are so common in white collar crimes, virtually any theft or fraud case can become a federal mail or wire fraud prosecution.

I am federal criminal defense attorney Pete Theodocion of J. Pete Theodocion, Attorney at Law. I have extensive experience representing clients who have been charged with felony fraud offenses in state and federal courts.

I Understand The Federal Justice System

If you are under investigation by federal authorities for mail or wire fraud, it is critically important to begin protecting your rights immediately. The federal criminal justice system has different standards for submitting legal motions and requesting evidentiary hearings, and of course an understanding of the federal sentencing guidelines is a key part of your defense.

I will begin working immediately to investigate your case and to prepare the most thorough defense possible for the following federal offenses:

  • Election and campaign fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • SEC violations and investment fraud
  • Real estate mortgage fraud or bank fraud
  • Interstate narcotics trafficking
  • Internet prescription drug fraud
  • IRS tax evasion
  • Federal weapons charges
  • ATF violations

Do Not Just Hope For The Best. Take Action.

Right now is not the time to hope for the best; you have to fight for it. From my offices in Augusta, I represent clients charged with federal crimes in Georgia, the Southeast and nationwide.

Contact me via online form, or call me at 706-250-8762 (toll free at 866-537-9545). I am pleased to offer confidential, free consultations to prospective clients.