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Those caught up in white collar crimes can be the victims

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Federal White Collar Crimes |

Many people say that white collar crimes are victimless, but most people who have participated in these crimes or been implicated know that isn’t true. Whether you’re the victim who had your money stolen or the person who faced becoming the “fall guy,” anyone who is on the wrong side of the crime pays a price.

There are many people who suffer as victims of white collar crimes. Even those who allegedly participated face hardships in the future, even if they’re victims themselves. The scale of a white collar crime, like fraud, might be so large that no specific person is the face for the victims, but there is always at least one person suffering as a result of the actions of a few.

Are all those associated with a white collar crime really guilty?

It depends on many factors. For example, if you were doing accounting for your boss and received falsified paperwork, you may never have known that you were submitting fraudulent tax returns or hurting people with your actions.

On the other hand, someone who decides to commit fraud is intending to harm others financially, and they are, at least in some ways, more to blame than others who got pulled into the situation.

In any case, whether you intended to defraud others or were caught up in fraudulent activities that you didn’t know you were committing, you deserve a chance to defend yourself. You should not have to become another victim of the court system and face unfair penalties for charges that may not even need to apply to your case.