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December 2019 Archives

2 arrested on gang and drug charges in Gwinnett County

As authorities in Georgia crack down on drug use and distribution, there are more and more raids taking place. In a recent Gwinnett gang raid, two people were arrested after the authorities found drugs and weapons in their possession.

Illegal dumping leads to 18-month sentence for truck driver

Federal crimes aren't always violent, but they often have serious outcomes that impact people or the environment. Take, for example, this case of a truck driver who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for dumping 3,000 gallons of fuel in Georgia illegally.

Wire fraud involves complex schemes

Because methods of communication are so mobile these days, it may be hard to remember that telephones used to connect to the walls with a wire. Now, "wireless" is a common method of transmitting information, but federal authorities may still charge you with wire fraud if you use interstate communication methods as a way to carry out fraudulent acts.

If you made a mistake on your taxes, is it fraud?

Federal fraud charges come with harsh penalties, which is why it's important to find an attorney quickly if you're facing accusations or if you're a part of an investigation. Fraud impacts businesses, consumers and the entire economy, so it's taken very seriously by the government.

Drug trafficking: Harsh penalties await those who are convicted

Drug trafficking is one of the most common kinds of drug crimes. You can be accused of drug trafficking if you have drugs in your vehicle and cross state lines, transport drugs between cities or even if you're only in possession of drugs but are in a moving vehicle. To be accused of this crime, you usually have to have a large amount of an illegal or controlled substance.

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