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Can you be charged for forgery if you sign someone else's name?

There are many federal crimes that people should not partake in, but one that needs to be discussed is a forgery. Forgery is an interesting kind of white-collar crime. It happens when a person copies or reproduces a document, signature or other item and claims it is the original, authentic item.

Pharmacists are new targets for federal drug charges

No longer focusing solely on the individual with a substance abuse problem, drug enforcement authorities are now turning their attention to those who supply the opioids. Doctors, pain management clinics and even the pharmaceutical companies themselves have recently faced civil lawsuits and criminal charges for their roles in the opioid crisis. Pharmacists have not escaped the wide net that the federal government has cast.

Get help if you're accused of espionage in Georgia

A federal crime that many people know about but may not understand is espionage. This crime, associated with spies, takes place when a person obtains secret information and then divulges it to others without the owner's permission. For example, if someone from a busy corporation tells a competitor a secret about the company's latest project, that might be considered industrial or corporate espionage.

You may want to seek help if you're accused of tax evasion

The first of the year is coming up quickly, and with it starts a new tax season. At the end of the year, it's the time when you can start verifying your income and gathering up receipts for expenses. Doing all of this, and keeping those documents, helps prove that you're filing your taxes legally.

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