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So, you’ve been called before a grand jury?

The concept of a grand jury was first recognized as a part of the English Magna Carta in the year 1215. The jury was formed to help decide the guilt or innocence of the accused by way of presenting information and evidence to help make the case. If you are ever called to a jury, there are some terms you may want to brush up on. The accused is the person that is accused of the crime, they are not determined to be guilty or innocent if they are accused. You may also hear the term Charge to the grand jury, these are a set of instructions that help the jury learn what they should be doing and how they can best do their job.

How does the First Step Act affect your prison sentence?

One mistake, one wrong turn, one bad decision can lead to a world of hurt for you and your family. You may be experiencing that now if you are serving time for a federal drug offense, such as trafficking, conspiracy or felony possession. Many federal crimes carry lengthy mandatory sentences, and you may be a long way from the release that will reunite you with beloved family members.

Understand fraud and why you need a defense

White collar crime is a term that was coined in 1939 and refers to fraud committed by government and business professionals. Fraud doesn't usually involve violence or threats; instead, the motivation to commit fraud is purely financial. Fraud can be used to gain money, avoid losing money or to give a business an advantage.

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