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2 tips to fine-tune a defendant's criminal defense

Perhaps police pulled you over and found an unmarked bottle of pills in your pocket while you were crossing state lines. Perhaps an officer thought you stole something from federal property, but the item was yours and you were carrying it on your person when stepped onto the property. Or, maybe a Sheriff's Deputy caught you in the act of mailing some crystal meth to another state. No matter what the circumstance surrounding your arrest and federal crime allegations were, in the United States, you will remain innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Until then, you have every right to defend yourself against your charges.

3 examples of federal crimes

An accused person could face either state or federal charges when it comes to criminal allegations. In most situations, criminal allegations will fall under the jurisdiction of the state court wherever the crime occurred. However, in other cases, the federal court system will claim jurisdiction over trying and deciding the matter.

Were you accused of federal fraud?

Fraud in the general sense refers to a dishonest action by someone who manipulates the truth, omits or misrepresents important information for the purposes of financial gain. Those who are found guilty of fraud may be punished with fines, prison time or a requirement to provide financial restitution to the parties that were harmed.

Drugs crises: Triggers for increased federal, state prosecutions

Few can be unaware of the drug crises in the United States. Just this week, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation issued an alert about the fact that methamphetamine-related deaths rose 40 percent from 2016 to 2017. This news comes even as headlines across the country continue to herald how opioid overdose deaths remain a significant cause for alarm.

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