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2 face charges for identity theft and wire fraud in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Federal Crimes |

Taking someone else’s identity or using their credit cards is against the law. If you’re spending money that isn’t yours, you’re defrauding others and could be accused of serious federal crimes.

That’s part of what allegedly took place in this case that spanned across several cities throughout Georgia. A federal fraud complaint has been filed in the case involving men who are accused of scamming a limousine service and hotels in Georgia.

The men allegedly stole credit cards and used the money to represent themselves as affiliates of the Roc Nation production company. They are accused of spending thousands on luxury limousine rentals as well as hotel goods and services.

The spending spree allegedly ended as a result of the staff at a Fairfield Inn in Augusta, who reported their suspicions to authorities. Now the men, 28 and 51, are now facing charges of aggravated identity theft and the conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Charges like these are damaging to your reputation and can hurt your future. If you’re facing charges and are being accused of stealing another person’s identity or defrauding others, it’s important that you take them seriously and get the support you need to defend yourself. A good defense attorney makes a difference in cases like these because you may have an opportunity to take a plea agreement, to disprove the other party’s case or to minimize the consequences you face for committing a criminal act. Your attorney will talk to you more about the methods of defense that may be right for you based on the factors involved in your case.