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Can Georgia charge you with a crime for a gun in your car?

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The Second Amendment gives people the right to own firearms. Whether you have a gun for self-defense or for sport, you will likely sometimes need to transport it. While there are few restrictions on the right to own firearms, there are often laws at the state level that restrict what you can do with a firearm and where you can go while in possession of one.

Transporting firearms in vehicles can easily lead to someone facing criminal charges if they make the wrong decision about how they handle or store their firearm. Can you legally drive with a firearm in the cab of your vehicle in Georgia?

Yes, drivers and passengers can travel with a gun

Georgia law does not prohibit people from traveling with a gun in the cab of their vehicle. In fact, you can even legally store your firearm in the glove box of the vehicle. Georgia’s liberal firearm transportation laws not only allow you to have the weapon in your vehicle, but they also permit you to travel with it loaded.

However, if you are a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, you need their explicit permission to carry a firearm in their vehicle. Whether you intend to keep it on your person or put it someplace in the vehicle, the owner has to consent first. These rights do not extend to anyone who is legally prohibited from owning or carrying a firearm, like those whose military service ended with a dishonorable discharge.

Knowing local firearm laws can help you avoid a criminal mistake

Georgia’s firearm laws give those with legal firearm ownership rights the option of carrying their guns in places other states do not allow. For example, with valid Weapons Carry License (WCL), people can even bring their firearms into a bar. You can legally possess a firearm while consuming alcohol, although it is illegal to discharge the weapon in a state of intoxication.

Many people charged with firearm offenses did not use their gun in the commission of a violent offense against someone else but rather simply made a technical mistake about compliance with state law. Knowing what rules Georgia has in place regarding firearm transportation, storage and ownership can help you avoid making a mistake that could lead to serious weapons-related charges.