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On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Federal Drug Charges |

Federal drug crimes are among the worst you can be accused of. While a state drug crime has its own penalties, federal charges tend to have harsher consequences.

You may face federal charges if you’re accused of selling or dealing drugs. The penalties will be determined based on the kinds of drugs sold, the number of prior offenses you have, where the drugs were sold, the age of the person you sold the drugs to and other factors.

Since there are so many varieties of drugs and different classifications for them, it’s hard to say what kind of penalties you could be looking at without knowing your case specifically. Penalties for drug dealing are based on applicable federal and state laws. Both charges for the state and federal government may be placed against you with their own varied penalties. However, drug sales are generally treated as felony offenses, whereas drug possession may be a misdemeanor.

The federal government and the state may have mandatory minimums for the crime you’re accused of committing. It is very important to fight the charges if they come with a mandatory minimum sentence. With mandatory minimums, there is inflexibility in court, meaning that a prison sentence of a certain length will be required upon conviction. Your attorney can fight to have the charges changed or lowered to help you avoid the mandatory minimums of the state or federal government.

Our site has more on drug distribution, dealing and other charges that you may face. With help, you can defend yourself against the charges that you face.